Student Sleepouts under 10m²
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Student Cabins have been designed with cost efficiency in mind and are ideal for DIY build.
Available in a range of claddings they are ideal for student sleepouts or studies, or a low cost extra room.
There are six standard sizes under 10m².

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  Standard Models
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  Model: SC2424
  Model: SC3624
  Model: SC3627
  Model: SC4124
  Model: SC4124
  Model: SC3230
Standard Plan Prices
Model Width Depth Area Manfg DIY Assm
SC2424 2.4m 2.4m 5.76m² $450 $450
SC3624 3.6m 2.4m 8.64m² $450 $450
SC3627 3.6m 2.7m 9.72m² $500 $500
SC4124 4.1m 2.4m 9.84m² $500 $500
SC2441 2.4m 4.1m 9.84m² $500 $500
SC3230 3.2m 3.0m 9.60m² $500 $500
Standard Options
Fnds: Concrete pad, Pile / bearer
Floor: Particleboard, H3 Plywood
Roof: Zincalume, Colorsteel
Cladding: Shadowclad ply
Hardies W/board
Doors and Windows:
Aluminum, single or double glazed
Insuln: Fibreglass Batts
Lining: Plasterboard
Trim: Pine pre-primed or clear
Custom Options
Cladding: Ply and Batten
Linea Weatherboard
Zincalume vertical or horizontal
Colorsteel vertical or horizontal
Hardflex and Batten
Pine Weatherboards
Paliside PVC Weatherboards
Doors and Windows:
Any practical size joinery
Insuln: as required
Lining: T&G panelling
Trim: as required
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