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SmartPLANZ . . . more than just drawings

SmartPLANZ specialises in designing for the 10m² to 150m² residential market.
Typically Baches, Granny Flats, Cabins, Sleepouts, Garages and Sheds.
(We can do larger designs on request.) 
We are also unique in offering kitset design for all our plans that includes full manufacturing drawings and assembly instructions.
Our plan packages and services for home owners and builders include:

Plan Packages:
dot 30 Non-Consentable Design Plans:
Typical builders plan drawings showing full construction details
dot 30 Building Consent Plans
Full site specific drawings, calculations and specifications
dot 30 Manufacturing Plans
Prenail and frame component drawings and full building material schedules
dot 30 DIY / Owner-Build Assembly Plans
3D-style assembly instructions for non-licenced Owner-Builders / DIYers
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dot 30 Building Consent Application
We file with Council and act as agent in the consenting process
dot 30 Material Supply Administration
We organise material ordering from local merchants on behalf of the client
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dot 30 Smart Kitset Plan Packages
Kitsets are the efficient way to build.
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