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CARGO Sheds have a modern minimalist design reflecting the security and bulk storage of a cargo container.
Solid 90x45 framing on 600 centres and a wide range of claddings make these sheds sturdy and durable.
Floor kits, windows and skylights are optional additions.

Custom sizes on demand.

Request a Design

Model: CS2540   - as shown
Shed Size: 2.5m x 4.0m - 10.0m²
Frame: H3.2 pine
Roof: Zincalume
Cladding: Corrugate Zincalume
Doors: Iron Double 2.0H x 1.6W
Windows: optional
Floor: 150x25 H3.2 B/s boards
Plans KS BK*
Lockup Shell: $800 $POA $POA
Floor Kit: incl $POA $POA
Full SmartPLANZ package including all manufacturing, assembly and ordering schedules
See full details about Plans Package
SK: DIY Smart Kitset
This price is an estimated cost of materials sourced by owner or their builder from local merchants.
BK: Builders Kitset

This is the estimated cost for a local builder to provide prenailed frames and supply of all materials.

See full details about Kitsets

Prices include GST, and will vary due to location or site.
Standard Sizes
CS2540: 2.5m x 4.0m - 10.0m²
Design Options
Foundations: Pile and Bearer
Concrete Pad
Floor: 150x25 H3.2 B/s boards
H3 17mm Plywood
Roof: Zincalume steel
Cladding: Vertical Corrugate Zincalume
Vertical Corrugate Colorsteel
Shadowclad Ply
Ply and Batten
Hardiflex sheet and Batten
Hardies 180 w/board
Doors: Double Iron 2.0H x 1.6W
Single Iron 2.0H x 0.8W
Windows: Fixed 5mm Glass
Louvre opening
Aluminium awning
OPTIONS: Polycarbonate Skylights
Build Paper to roof and walls
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