Plan sleepout 300
Sleepouts Under 10m²
Single level and loft floor plans without plumbing and  generally not requiring building Consent.
Plan cabin 300

Serviced Cabins 10m² - 50m²
Sleepouts and Cabin floor plans having ensuites or bathrooms, but no kitchen. May have multiple bedrooms.
These require Building Consent.

Plan GF 300

Granny Flats 20m² - 65m²
Plans from one to three bedrooms, with ensuites, bathrooms and kitchen.
These are considered self-contained dwellings requiring Building Consent, but generally if under 65m², can be built as secondary dwelling on sites already having a primary house.

Plan Bach 300
Baches  12m² - 100m²
Plans from one to four bedrooms, with kitchen and bathrooms.
These require Building Consent and will generally require their own full site.

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