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The Miami is a minimalist cabin style with unque and stylish matching portico.
Ideal for indoor-outdoor work or living space.

There are three non-consentable cabin models under 10m² and custom designed cabins to 72m² with portico to suit.

Request a Design under 10m²
Request a Design over 10m²

Model: MA4124-36  - as shown
Cabin Size: 4.1m x 2.4m - 9.84m²
Portico Size: 3.6m x 2.4m - 8.64m²
Floor: Particle board, joists
Roof: Colorsteel
Cladding: Shadowclad Ply
Doors: Aluminium Sliding - F2224
Aluminium Sliding - F2218
Windows: Optional
Lining: Plaster Board
Plans Kitset
Manfg Assem Smart Builders
Lockup Shell: $900 $900 $8,206 $10,152
Lining Kit: incl incl $773 $835
Portico: incl incl $1,811 $2,376
Deck: incl incl $890 $1,135
Plans Manufacturing:
SmartPLANZ provides complete material schedules and working drawings for kitset manufacture.
Plans Assembly:
SmartPLANZ provides detailed step-by-step assembly instruction ideal for DIYers and Owner-Builders.
See full details about Plans Packages
Kitset Smart:
This price is an estimated cost of materials sourced by owner or their builder from local merchants.
Kitset Builders:

This is the estimated cost for a local supplier to provide prenailed frames and all materials.
(Note this option may not yet be available in all regions)

See full details about Kitsets

Prices include GST, and will vary due to location or site.

See full details about Kitsets

Prices include GST, and will vary due to location or site.
Standard Sizes under 10m²
MA3624: 3.6W x 2.4D - 8.64m²
MA3627: 3.6W x 2.7D - 9.72m²
MA4124: 4.1W x 2.4D - 9.84m²
Porticos any length up to 4.8m
Design Options
Foundations: Pile and Bearer
Concrete Pad
Floor: Particle Board
H3 Plywood
Roof: Zincalume steel
Cladding: Shadowclad Plywood
Ply and Batten
Hardies Linea
Horizontal Corrugate Zincalume
Vertical Corrugate Zincalume
Horizontal Corrugate C/steel
Vertical Corrugate C/steel
Doors: Aluminium, hinged or sliding
Windows: Aluminium, fixed or awning
Insulation: U/floor Expol
Ceiling F/glass Batts
Walls F/glass batts
Lining: Plaster Board
Trim: Pine
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