BREEZEWAY - Baches and Granny Flats
BW 950
The unique BREEZWAY style integrates two (or more) cabins with a covered breezway area.
Ideal where additional privacy may be required for guests or extended family, the Breezway also offers sheltered outdoor living.
Breezeways may be designed using our Vogue (shown), Pent, Gable, Box or Sorento styles.
Size and floor layouts are designed to client's requirements, with a wide range of cladding options and joinery sizes to suit.
Our plan packages include full Building Consent, Manufacturing or Kitseting drawings and DIY/Owner-build Assembly Instructions.

Example Design
Specifications as priced
Foundations: Timber Pile
Floor: Particle Board
Roof: Colorsteel
Cladding: Linea Weatherboard
Joinery: Double glazed Aluminium
Insulation: Fibreglass Batts
Lining: Plasterboard
Kitchen: Basic Kitchen
Bathroom: Shower, WC, Vanity

This BW8448-42-3648  58m² - floor plan is for  8.4m x 4.8m and 3.6m x 4.8 Vogue style cabins.

Plan Prices BC Mfg Assm
$6,400 $3,100 $2,500
Note: These prices are close estimates as site and location will influence final costs.
Prices include:
  A standard site Plan
  Full calculations and Specifications for Building Consent

All kitsets are custom designed for size, cladding, joinery as well as specific requirements for the exact site and location and clients' living requirements.

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Standard Design Options
as required
Roof Pitch:
3 to 10 degrees
Wall Height:
generally 2.4m to 3.0m
Concrete Pad, Piles and Bearers
Particleboard, Plywood
Roof and trim:
Zincalume - corrugate or trapezoidal
Colorsteel - corrugate or trapezoidal
Axon Panel
Hardies Weatherboard 180
Ply and Batten
Hardiflex and batten
Pine Weatherboards
Palliside PVC Weatherboards
as required, generally:
Sliding, French and Bifold
as required, generally:
Fixed, Awning, Sliding, Casement
Single or Double glazed
as required, generally:
Fibreglass Batts or Polystyrene
Interior Lining:
Selected panelling
Pine preprimed or clear
Kitchen as required
Bathroom and Laundry units as required
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