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Townhouse Cabins offer a unique modern style with large loft bunk or storage space.
Available in a range of claddings they are ideal as sleepout, studio, games room, home office micro-home or bach..
There is one non-consentable model under 10m² and custom designed sizes to 72m²

Request a Design under 10m²
Request a Design over 10m²
Model: TH6036   - as shown (Not including Deck)
Cabin Size: 6.0m x 3.6m - 17.28m²
Loft Size: 3.6m x 2.4m -  8.64m²
Floor: Particle board, joists
Roof: Zincalume
Cladding: Hardies w/bd 180
Doors: Aluminium F/door 1 - F2016
Windows: Aluminium  2 - A1012
Aluminium  2 - A0412
Aluminium  1 - A0806
Lining: Plaster Board
Interior Doors: MDF prehung
SP Plans BC Plans SK BK
Lockup Shell: $1,800 $5,610 $POA $POA
Lining Kit: incl incl $POA $POA
Bthrm Units: incl incl $POA $POA
BC Plans:
Full Drawings and Specifications for Building Consent Application, not including any site specicific changes
SP Plans:

SmartPLANZ package including design, manufacturing drawings and builder assembly notes plus full material ordering schedules.
DIY Owner-Build full assembly instructions are also available at additional cost.

See full details about Plans Package
SK:  DIY Smart Kitset
This price is an estimated cost of materials sourced by owner or builder from local merchants.
BK: Builders Kitset

This is the estimated cost for a local builder to provide prenailed frames and supply of all materials.

See full details about Kitsets
Prices include GST, and will vary due to location or site.
Standard Sizes
Custom: 10m² to 100m²
Design Options
Foundations: Pile and Bearer
Concrete Pad
Floor: Particle Board
H3 Plywood
Roof: Zincalume steel
Cladding: Shadowclad Plywood
Ply and Batten
Hardies Linea
Horizontal Corrugate Zincalume
Vertical Corrugate Zincalume
Horizontal Corrugate C/steel
Vertical Corrugate C/steel
Doors: Aluminium, hinged or sliding
Windows: Aluminium, fixed or awning
Insulation: U/floor Expol
Ceiling F/glass Batts
Walls F/glass batts
Lining: Plaster Board
Trim: Pine
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