SmartPLANZ - the smart, low cost way to build.

Kitsets are a very efficient way to build.
SmartPLANZ's unique Smart Kitset Plan Packages allows you to design and build a kitset to your exact design and specifications.

Our Packages include Manufacturing and Preassembly plans and schedules, DIY Assembly Instructions and Building Consent Plans (where required)

SmartPLANZ are ideal for owners and builders wanting the most cost effective solution for their building Project.
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dot 30 Building Styles - single storey and loft
dot 30 Floor Plans - standard and DYO
dot 30 Custom Plans
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Building Sizes
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We specialise in plans from 8m² to 160m².

Under 10m² - sleepouts, garden sheds, generally don't require building consent.

Over 10m² - serviced cabins, granny flats, baches, garages and workshops generally do require Building consent.
In these cases we provide Building Consent plans and specifications separately from our standard SmartPLANZ package.

Building Styles

We have a large range of standard building styles available as both non-consentable and consentable designs.

These include Single level and Loft or mezzanine styles.

We can also design based on a new or interesting style you may want.
Styles can incorporate most readily available cladding materials.

See: Sleepouts and Cabins, Loft Cabins, Granny Flats and Baches, Houses,  Garden Sheds, Garages and Workshops .

Floor Plans
DYO Bach

Under 10m²|
There are a number of standard floor plans, particulary for the under 10m² buildings. These can all be customised to best suit your specific site and living requirements.
See:  DYO Design .

Over 10m²
Plans are generally site-specific designed, and our on-line design forms can be filled out to get an obligation-free quotation for your general requirements.
See: DYO Design

Custom Concept Plan
Demo Prelim Plan

Where a DYO Design is significantly different from one of our Standard Plans, we may need to do a Custom Concept Plan to confirm exact engineering and materials to give an estimate of kit costs.
This is particuarly relevant for Consentable buildings, as we need to do a site evaluation to ascertain the specific design requirements required by the Building Code.

These Concept Plans will typically cost $200 - $400.
This cost will be credited against the full Building Consent Pack price. 


Our unique Plans Package includes full manufacturing and assembly drawings and instructions, plus schedules for all materials that can be presented to suppliers.
Prior to ordering we will have provided a fixed quotation for providing your SmartPLANZ packages (and Building Consent Plans if required).

With this quote we include close Estimates of all material prices you can expect to source locally for your DIY Smart Kitset build, as well as Estimates for supply of a Builders Kitset provided by a local builder.
See: SmartPLANZ Plans


There are three steps in making your kitset - sourcing materials, making pre-assembly items, assembling on-site.

These are the typical ways owners can build their project:

a) DIY Smart Kitset - This is the most economic. Owners source local materials, build their own pre-assembly kit and then site-assemble. (They may use a labour-only builder they know)

b) Builders Kitset - A local Suplier provides pre-assembed items and other materials for owner or builder on-site assembly.
(Not available in all regions)

See: Kitsets

Frame 400

SmartPLANZ plan packages - including Building Consent plans - are available for any location in New Zealand.

We can put owners in touch with local builders in some areas, but as they are totally independent of SmartPLANZ we can't guarantee their availablity for at any given time.

As Kitsets are designed using common building materials, materials will generally be available from local merchants, either off-the shelf or on a few days notice. The exceptions to this time frame are Doors and Windows, which generally require a 3-5 week lead time.

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Typically we will provide a  Concept Plan for your approval together with firm Quotation for the Plans packages.
We require a deposit to confirm your order and balance payment on completion of Plan packages.

SmartPLANZ can be ordered at any time, lead times are generally
2- 4 weeks.

Note that if Building Consents are required Council processing times can be 3 weeks to 3 months.

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