SmartPLANZ Plans Packages
spgirl SmartPLANZ is the most efficient way to design and build your new building.
We provide three types of Plan Package:
dot 30  Manufacturing Plans
dot 30 DIY Assembly Instructions
dot 30 Building Consent Packages
Manufacturing Plans

SmartPLANZ's comprehensive manufacturing plans are ideal for
Licenced Builders, and Owner-Builders or DIYers familiar with the Building Code.

They include:

dot 30 Pre-nail frame drawings
dot 30 Other main component drawings
dot 30 Full material Schedules and Order forms
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Assembly Instructions

SmartPLANZ Assembly Instructions are a good accompaniment to the manufacturing package for Owner-Builders or DIYers requiring detailed instructions on Building Code practice.

They include:

dot 30 3D Parts Schematics
dot 30 Step-by-step construction images 
dot 30 Building Code techniques for main proceedures
dot 30 Code Compliance methods for Building inspections
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Building Consents
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Most buildings over 10m² or those having plumbing services will require a Building Consent.

Our Building Consent Package includes:

dot 30 Concept and Preliminary drawings
dot 30 Full drawings for submission
dot 30 Specifications for construction and main materials
dot 30 Design certificate where required
dot 30 Optional BC lodgement and processing administration
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