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Kitsets are a very efficient way to create a new building.

Well designed kitsets save time and money for owners and builders.
SmartPLANZ lets DIYers, Owner-Builders or Licenced Builders to economically build to their own custom requirements.

Smart Kitsets Plans format allows kits to be built anywhere in NZ.
Builders Kitsets, which are partially constructed are available in some areas.

Smart Kitsets
KS 01b

Smart Kitsets

Our Smart Kitsets can be built anywhere by Builders, Owner-builders or experienced DIYers with basic power and hand tools.
The SmartPLANZ package provides everything for ordering, cutting and assembling both non consentable and consentable buildings.

KS 02


Merchant Supply

Client's order materials directly from local merchants using the SmartPLANZ order forms included with the Plan package.

KS 03



Full cut lists and drawings are provided for making pre-nail wall frames, floor and roof components.

These can be done off-site to reduce assembly time.

KS 04


Site setup

SmartPLANZ provides all drawings and instructions for accurate site set up and foundations.

KS 05


Kitset Assembly

SmartPLANZ provides comprehensive step-by-step assembly instructions for each stage of construction.
These are designed for non-builders but will also save Licensed builders on-site organistion time.

KS 06


Trade Techniques

SmartPLANZ show trade techniques for preparing and fitting all materials.

KS 07


Code Compliance

SmartPLANZ also covers all Building Code compliance techiques and best trade practices.

KS 08


Lining and Interior

SmartPLANZ provides full schedules for all materials including:

Insulation, wall and ceiling linings, interior doors, skirtings, scotias, architraves, fixings and fastenings.

KS 09



SmartPLANZ can assist with information on materials and proceedures for most items required to finish your build project.

Builders Kitset

In some areas there may be a supplier we can recommend who will provide:

A) The Pre-nail Frame (as shown) and
B) All other Materials as  a single package.

Note this is a more expensive option than the Smart Kitset above.

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